4WD on K’gari – Top tips to enjoy and avoid any stress


Undoubtedly, one of the best ways to explore K’gari and experience the tranquillity and charm of the island is on the seat of a 4WD vehicle with friends and family. Cruise across the stunning scenic K’gari and marvel at the beauty around you.

Though we’re sure you’re aware of the common rules of the road, driving on sand is a little different. Though an experience of K’gari is not to be missed, below we list some of the most important info for driving on sand, so that you can get the best from your trip of a lifetime.

K'gari Fraser Island,qld, March 2021, Photo Shoot For K'gari Fraser Island Adventures.


  • Drive on the harder sand between the waterline and the high tide mark for the firmest surface. When crossing water, check where other drivers have crossed and don’t start a new crossing point.
  • Keep off sand dunes except at designated crossing points for access to and from the beach.
  • Drive slowly and carefully. Though beaches are marked at 80km/hour, 40km/hour zones are patrolled by a police patrol. No need to rush, enjoy the ride!
  • Respect the wildlife, and others on the beach at all times. Please take your rubbish home with you so as to ensure the safety and beauty of everything on the island is preserved.
  • Reduce your tyre pressure. This will spread your tyres’ footprint (remember to re-inflate when back on the road!) – never below your vehicle specification.
  • Ensure your vehicle is in 4WD when on the sand.
  • Always carry a recovery kit. This should consist of a tyre gauge, air pump, towrope, first-aid kit, adequate water, food, fuel and spares – though being bogged can be part of the fun when driving on the island, carrying these items will ensure you can continue with your adventure!
  • Ensure you have a valid vehicle permit for those areas where a permit is required. This includes using only designated access points to the beach.
  • If possible, travel with at least one other vehicle. Follow a vehicle in front so you can see exactly what’s coming up to reduce the risk of trouble. If this is not possible, let a responsible person know where you are going and when you expect to return.
  • Know your tides. Plan ahead and drive as close to low tide as possible.
  • Take your time! No need to rush, you are on island time!

With these tips in mind, we’re sure you’ll have a safe and enjoyable driving experience on K’gari!

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