Rainbow Beach – The Perfect Place To Hang Before You Join A Tour

Rainbow Beach Camping

The east coast is full of cute tropical towns with gorgeous beaches and a relaxed vibe, and Rainbow Beach is just such a place. Rainbow Beach gets its name from the colourful, mineral-rich sands which can be found in the cliffs that surround the area. It’s a low key, relaxed spot and makes for the perfect stop on the route north (or south), and is far less flashy than many other beach towns along this part of the coast. It also happens to be one of our pick up points for tours to K’gari!

Rainbow Beach is a locals favourite. There’s lots to do here and everything is easy to arrange and most activities are low impact environmentally. Here are our top picks for things to do if you do decide to stay a few days.

Beach camp in paradise

Wild Dolphins

Camping out on the beach is a classic Aussie pastime, and the Rainbow Beach area is a great place to do it. You can’t actually camp on Rainbow Beach itself but there are plenty of places to camp beachside nearby. Check out the Inskip Peninsula and the Freshwater Camping areas. Remember to secure permits before you arrive and avoid the holiday seasons if you want to escape the crowds. There are also a couple of permanent campsites around the area where you can get the full beach camping experience without having to bring your own gear.

Kayak with dolphins at Double Island Point

Who wouldn’t want to get up close and personal with wild dolphins! Probably the most jaw dropping experience in the area is the chance to kayak close to these puppies of the sea over at Double Island Point. Dolphins are resident year round, but if you visit between June and October and you might also see whales too. Tours to Double Island Point run from a couple of outlets in town, and the 4WD adventure to get there is an awesome experience in itself – and great practice for 4WD driving on K’gari if you’re hiring your own vehicle.

Horse Ride on the Beach

Horse Ride Rainbow Beach

What could be better than watching the surf and taking in the colourful cliffs of Rainbow Beach from horseback. Horserides take place along a stretch of the beach shut off from vehicles meaning the ride will be serene, quiet and relaxing. Plus if you time it right you’ll get to watch the sunset over the waves. 

There are plenty of things to do in Rainbow Beach but the three activities listed here are some of the most unique experiences you can have while you’re in town. Make a plan to do one or all of them before or after you take a tour of K’gari with us.