Your guide to Fraser Island camping

If you want to wake up to the sound of the waves gently crashing Australia’s most iconic beaches or be lulled to sleep by the sight of an amazing night sky and a clear view of the stars, then it’s time to prepare your bags for an awesome camping expedition to Fraser Island.

The benefits of camping and exploring K’gari are endless, from a digital detox for the soul to a re-connection with nature.

Before you get going, here is some important information and tips you should know to make your Fraser Island camping a safe and memorable experience.

Please help yourself to this list of the best campsites on Fraser Island, things you must bring, permits and more.

Large campsites on Fraser Island with amenities

The following K’gari Fraser Island camping sites are spacious and formal campsites, where you won´t miss the comfort of a hot shower and picnic tables for preparing brekkie. All of them include a camping site and a trail site, and a dingo deterrent fence, which makes them perfect for camping with kids on Fraser Island.

As they are specially located and designed for a quiet night under the stars, generators are not allowed and 9 pm noise curfew rules are in place.

  • Central Station Camping Area

Sheltered by a magnificent rainforest, the campsite of Central Station is the place to be if you wish to go back to basics and wake up to the songs of birds.

The camping area is 8.6km from the Eurong township on the Eurong Road. We highly recommend exploring some of the amazing bushwalks that leave from Central Station and will take you to magic spots like Wanggoolba Creek, Basin Lake and Pile Valley.

  • Dundubara Camping Site

Located on the northern end of the East Coast of Fraser Island and a few steps from the beach, the Dundubara Camping Site is great access to scenic walks and beach fishing.

You will hear but not feel the strong ocean winds in this secluded camping area surrounded by shady woodland.

If you are an adventurous person, and we think you are, wear your best pair of trainers and discover the Lake Bowarrady Walk.

Dundubara is on the Eastern Beach scenic drive, 41.4km north of the Eurong township and 26.9km south of the Waddy Point beachfront camping area.

  • Waddy Point

Relax and recharge on Waddy Point, an amazing place to camp on Fraser Island and sleep to soothing ocean sounds. The best thing is it’s close vicinity to the Champagne Pools, Ocean Lakes and Marloo Bay, three amazing attractions on K’gari.

Waddy Point camping area is on the Eastern Beach scenic drive via the 5.7km Middle Rocks Bypass Road. The camping area is 26.9km north of Dundubara and 42.3km north of Eli Creek.


Smaller (but still beautiful) campsites on Fraser Island

If you are looking for a more private spot to camp on Fraser Island and experience that feeling of being alone on a paradise island, take a look at these three campsites on K’gari.

Although showers are not provided, they all have toilets and picnic tables.

  • Lake Boomanjin

Words are not enough to transmit the natural beauty of Lake Boomanjin, the perfect place to sleep if you are doing the Southern Lakes scenic drive. After an early morning swim or kayak in the lake, pack the car and continue your expedition!

Please take notice that the Southern Lakes scenic drive is not suitable for trailers and we recommend tent camping on Lake Boomanjin.

  • Ungowa Creek

Ungowa camping area is located on Umngowa Road, on the west coast of Fraser Island.

Grab a drink and watch a beautiful sunset after throwing a line and catching a delicious dinner. It can’t get better than this!

If you want to get some of the most spectacular pictures of the island, head off to explore the South White Cliffs. From the top, you will get spectacular views of the natural beauty of K’gari.

  • Wathumba

Share an exclusive camping ground on the west coast of K’gari with honeyeaters, woodswallows, doves and finches. Just like all of us, the local birds love this quiet spot located where the freshwater from the creek meets the salty ocean.

Known for being suitable for fishing, boating and kayaking, Wathumba is the place to be during winter as you might be lucky enough to spot migrating humpback whales off the beach.

K’gari Fraser Island Beach Camping Sites

There are 9 different beach camping spots along the East Coast of Fraser Island. The magic of this experience is that you will literally sleep on the beach, under the milky way, and wake up to the most amazing sunrise.

Wilderness rules here, and although there are no amenities provided, the feeling of real adventure is truly rewarding.

Find out the location of the K’gari Fraser Island beach camping sites here.


Fraser Island camping permits

Before your camping trip to Fraser Island, make sure you’ve obtained your vehicle permit and camping permit.

You will receive a camping permit when you book your spot here. Remember they should be posted on the tent and be visible to park rangers.

What to Bring

The following are some of the essentials that seasoned and newbie campers must bring for a safe and convenient Fraser Island Camping trip.

  • A good quality backpack
  • Appropriate clothing and weather gear
  • Walking or hiking shoes
  • Drinking water and food
  • Toiletries and medical supplies
  • Insect repellent and sunscreen
  • Cooking equipment
  • Camera
  • Sand pegs, ropes, tarpaulins, sleeping bags
  • Coins for showers and public telephones
  • Tags and permits


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More tips and reminders

Beware of Dingoes. Dingoes or Australian wild dogs are common on Fraser Island. It is illegal to feed, approach, or attract dingoes in any way as they can be aggressive. Fines could range from $2135 – $10,676. Keep safe by not leaving food unattended or by locking them in a secure storage.

Dingo Sticks. Visitors are encouraged to carry a Dingo stick with them at all times when on the beach and out of a dingo safety area. Dingo sticks can help discourage Dingoes as it makes you look more dominant to them. Dingo sticks are not to be used to harm a Dingo or any other animal. It is also strongly advised to always walk in pairs. If you are camping on the beach then it is important not to leave food in your tents and to put all belongings in your vehicle.

Beach swimming is not advised. However inviting Fraser Island’s beaches may be, it is advised to avoid beach swimming due to the dangerous surf conditions and the sharks that inhabit the ocean. Fraser’s beaches are also unpatrolled so it is always better to remain cautious.

Do not leave rubbish or waste behind. To preserve the beauty and cleanliness of Fraser Island, dispose of rubbish in the proper bins or remove it from the island when you leave.

Observe maximum speed limits. Driving on the beach also has its dangers. So if you’ve hired a 4WD, be sure to observe the prescribed speed limits. Having a Fraser Island map when four-wheel driving is also recommended.

Camping on Fraser Island offers so many unique experiences for every camper!