Hello there, and welcome to our why. We are so much more than an adventure company, we are a commUNITY of green hearted eco warriors who believe in a better way. On this page you will find information about us, our mission and our wonderful partners who are helping us care for country and community.

We are super proud to say that every aspect of our tours have been designed to not only provide you with an incredible nature experience but also to be as environmentally sustainable as we can possibly achieve in this present day, but let us assure you that our plans for the future are even greener!

Living by K’gari lore… 

We LOVE spending time in nature so it is no surprise that we have a deep respect for the oldest surviving culture in the world. Our partnerships and friendships with the traditional custodians of this island have instilled a deep understanding in us that goes beyond the realms of science. Every decision we make has to be good for K’gari, good for you and good for our growing community. The Butchulla people lived by 3 laws…

1. What is good for the land comes first

Meaning, the biodiversity of the land must be sustained.

2. If you have plenty, you must share

Meaning knowledge passed down through generations. 

3. Don’t take what does not belong to you

Meaning life’s necessities, like clean air and water.

It was these 3 laws that gave us our mission. We do our best, but it’s not easy. The government doesn’t help much at all when it comes to providing the services or funding that the community needs to look after K’gari but nonetheless, we stand side by side with the traditional owners in fighting for a pollution free future for our precious planet.

We will be 100% carbon neutral by 2030, that’s a promise! In fact, we already invest in off sets we just haven’t found a programme that fits all goals yet but we are getting there.

We hate waste! In fact we would call ourselves waste warriors. We are super handy at fixing things and believe in good resource management. There is no way you can do as many beach clean ups as us and it not change you.

eco Tours Beach clean Ups

Over the years it has become apparent to us that many people are not as fortunate as our guests to learn much about Dingoes. So we started #FraserDingoWatch to help educate people about how amazing these animals are.


the simple version of our very complicated and ambitious plan

1. SUPPORTING LOCALS… Shopping local has always been very important to us so when we started our baby business we wanted to carry this through. Read more here.


2. CONSCIOUS CONSUMING… We do our best to buy only what is necessary and are we’re pretty handy with all manner of tools and we love fixing what we can.

Eco Freindly Toiletries

3. PLANET FRIENDLY PRODUCTS… Nearly all the products we buy come in recycled bottles and are all plant based so they are gentle on your skin and our planet.

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4. REDUCING WASTE… Food waste is one of our most challenging projects and is for most people. We closely monitor our food consumption to strike the balance between having plenty but not too much.

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5. REUSING VALUABLE RESOURCES… Such as plastics. We use used plastic bottles to make ice, this saves us buying in bags and we get pretty creative with making use of “rubbish”.


6. RECYCLING VALUABLE RESOURCES… Recycling is what we are most passionate about, but not just putting it in the bin, instead really seeking out opportunities that are helping to close the loop.


7. HARNESSING THE POWER OF THE SUN… We’re proud to say that our two properties on K’gari and our property in Noosa run entirely off solar power.

Tour Briefing On Fraser Island

8. SHARING KNOWLEDGE… and inspiring others to step up their green game. We do lots of community work from hosting our Beach Clean Ups to supporting local conservation groups.

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9. EDUCATING OURSELVES… It’s a case of whether you believe in climate change or not, the science is in and we think it’s about time we all educate ourselves before it’s too late.

10. our Carbon Neutral goal… 

We are super excited to be on our way to being carbon neutral. We are busy calculating and learning about ways to reduce our carbon footprint at the moment. From calculating all the waste (both landfill and recyclable) that is produced from our tours and team, tracking the amount of diesel and petrol used by our cars and keeping track of the amount of meat consumed on our tours. It’s a big job, it’s a hard job but it’s a worthy goal that we are all extremely passionate about achieving soon.

Bring on 2030, hey!

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Tag Along

11. Bringing Ev’s to K’gari

Yep, you read that right, we are hoping to be one of the 1st 4WD touring companies to run electric vehicles to K’gari. It’s a long way off yet but we are busy working behind the scenes on electric conversion kits for our gas guzzling 4WDs.

Monies raised last year


Monies raised so far this year


Giving back is at the heart of what we do and our Beach Clean Ups are all about living by the first law of K’gari. Join us in an Eco Warrior Experience or Emergency Beach Clean Ups (to help un-trash the island from SEQ flooding rubbish.

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Team Building in paradise

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Ocean Crusaders Foundation was founded by Ian and Annika in 2010. The upset that was felt from seeing dead turtles up close whilst they were sailing sparked a passion in them both to dedicate their lives to not just cleaning up our waterways but educating the community about what could be done. It is this passion that drives Ocean Crusaders and we absolutely support their efforts to educate people, whilst physically getting out and cleaning up.

Founder Ian launched the campaign by smashing the solo circumnavigation of Australia record. By creating a profile for himself he in turn created awareness of the cause.

We are so humbled to being working with this amazing team to not just clean up K’gari but lobby for a better future for our natural world.

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Founded in 2019 in Australia, ZeroCo’s mission is to un-trash the planet by stopping the production of new single-use plastics and cleaning up the plastic junking up our oceans.

ZeroCo uses plastic rubbish that is pulled out of the oceans, beaches and landfill to create Forever Bottles and reusable refill pouches for home-cleaning and self-care products. Wow! How amazing is that?

ZeroCo committed to buying 1 tonne of HDPE plastic from K’gari clean-ups to make their Forever Bottles (home-cleaning and self-care products), helping the community close the loop and repurpose the plastic removed from the island. A world 1st! 

Plastic Free Noosa

Plastic Free Noosa is a grass roots community plan with an aspirational goal to become a community where it is easy to avoid unnecessary single-use plastics, because it simply isn’t available anymore. To make this plan achievable, they are working with Noosa Council, local businesses (specifically hospitality/retailers), local media, community organisations and schools, event organisers and active individuals to target 6 plastic items which represent problematic and prolific sources of the litter stream. Always avid supporters of our clean ups and eco tourism in general. 

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Just like carbon offsets, Kina provides plastic offsets. The average person uses 58 kg of plastic per year; when you offset your plastic consumption with Kina.org.au, they use those funds to sponsor beach cleanups like ours. Thank you to Todd, Elizabeth, Sevy and Hannah who all rolled up their sleeves and helped us clean over 75km of beach.

partner with us

There are many ways to help us make these amazing events happen! All donations are tax deductible.

Getting your company or business involved in our beach clean-ups not only feels so good to do but also exposes your brand to the local community and gives you unbeatable street cred. Organisations that are associated with the protection of the environment and actually helping to remove plastic from our beaches, clean the oceans and preserve the wildlife are always going to be respected by consumers.

Contact us to find out more about sponsoring our beach clean-ups, creating team building experiences and more!


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