Yep, you need to watch a safety video because what we do is pretty gnarly. Now, a few things you need to know before watching the video:

  • It is designed to make you cautious and keep you focused so don’t be alarmed. 

We will be there guiding your driving line on the beach to avoid obstacles, gauging the depth of creeks, setting a nice steady pace and managing everything to do with the vehicle. We will have water and first aid kits on board too so relax as you watch this video and get excited for your totally unique tag along adventure to K’gari Fraser Island. 


Please take care when entering your Driving Licence number and any medical information. You will find all our terms and conditions of travel within the waiver so be sure to have a read through those too, the super important stuff is bullet pointed to make it easier to digest.

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what to bring

Pack light and pack right that’s the moto here. Check out our super handy “Packing Check List” for a complete guide of what you will absolutely need during your 4WD adventure. Try to stick to a carry on bag size for most of your luggage and a small day pack/bag for those items you want to keep close. 

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downloadable packing check list

last chance to book a private room...

K'gari Fraser Island, March 2021, Photo Shoot For K'gari Fraser Island Adventures.


Treat yourself to some extra luxury and add a private room to your tour booking.  Stay in one of our beautiful glamping tent at our eco retreat, with your own en-suite and beautifully dressed beds it’s a great option for couples and travelling friends. 

Give us a call to check if we have any last minute upgrades available, though rare it does happen! 



  • 6.50am – Aldi Bus Stop [Noosaville]
  • 6.55am – RACV [Noosa Heads]
  • 7.00am – The J Theatre Bus stop – 60 Noosa Drive, Noosa Junction, closest to Nomads]
  • 7.05am – Flashpackers Noosa [Sunshine Beach]
  • 7.05am – Dolphins Beach House [Sunshine Beach]
  • 7.10am – Noosa Heads Bus  – [Noosa Heads Bus stop, closest to Halse Lodge]
  • 7.15am – Noosa River Retreat [Noosaville]
  • 7.15am – Bounce – [Noosaville]
  • 7.30am – Free Parking @ our Noosa HQ – 3 Sanders Street [Noosaville]
  • 10am –  Shell Petrol Station [Rainbow Beach]


Rainbow Beach

2pm-3pm @ Shell Petrol Station on the corner of Rainbow Beach Road and Cypress Avenue.  


5pm – 6pm @ The Depot & all Noosa accommodation courtesy drop off requests. 

Drop off times are estimated depending on weather, tides, traffic and any unforeseen events so we advise to stay in Noosa on the night you return from tour and book all onward travel plans for the next day. 


Inform us of your pick up location and be on time. 

Please ensure your confirmation email states the correct pick up location. Get in touch via your booking portal to update if required or via call/email if changing within 24 hours.

Please wait outside your pick up location ready to hop in the courtesy bus and allow 10 minutes for unforeseen events that may delay the driver on the morning. Our office is open from 7.30am on tour mornings so you can call us on 0487 333 606 if you require assistance on the morning of your tour.


Noosa to Noosa

If you’re returning to Noosa after the tour, you can store your travel luggage at our Depot for free.

Bring it along when being picked up by our Courtesy shuttle from your Noosa accommodation.

Ensure you’ve packed a smaller bag to take on tour with the necessities and luggage space is limited

NOOSA TO RAINBOW & vice versa

If you’re beginning the tour in one location and ending it at another, bring all of your luggage along with you on tour.

You don’t need to let us know or request this service. Just ensure you have filled your tour details correctly including pick up and drop off locations.

(You are responsible for all your luggage throughout the tour and we are not responsible for loss, theft or damage)

Rainbow to Rainbow

If you’re being picked up in Rainbow beach, store your luggage at your hostel/accommodation.

If arriving in town on the day by public transport or if your accommodation doesn’t offer luggage storage, you’ll need to bring all of your luggage on tour with you.

(You are responsible for all your luggage throughout the tour and we are not responsible for loss, theft or damage)


DAY 1 

7.30am Meet @THE DEPOT
9.30am Pick ups at Rainbow Beach
11.30ish Arrive at our Beach Camp, settle in and enjoy a tasty lunch.
Afternoon Head out on your first adventure to see some of the tour Highlights.
6pm Get back to base
7pm Enjoy dinner, share stories, play the didgeridoo around the fire & star gaze 

DAY 2 

7am Have breakfast and get ready to leave for a fun filled day
Morning Explore K’gari and her hidden treasures
Lunch on the beach

Afternoon Discover more lakes and epic views
6pm Get back to base

7pm Enjoy another scrumptious dinner under the stars and some evening activities.

DAY 3 

7am Have breakfast and say bye to your favourite camp spot on 75 Mile Beach.
Morning Hit the inland tracks to discover towering trees and take one last dip.
Lunch in the forest.
Afternoon Quick stop at Beachcamp for some light refreshments.
3-3.30pm Back to Rainbow Beach
5-6pm Back to Noosa!

All breakfast and exploring times are estimated “ish”, we are on island time after all. We will feed you before you get too hungry we promise and we have not missed a connection yet but our tour timings are dependent on so many things like tides, weather, traffic, ferry times and the adventurous spirit of each and every group. We believe that real adventures never follow a strict time frame and us islanders like to mix things up a bit, so we ask you to trust us and go with the flow as we do everything we can to make your 4WD adventure with us absolutely unforgettable!



A deliciously tasty and fresh buffet breakfast is served each morning before heading out to explore for the day.

Every morning a Continental Breakfast is available. Choose from a variety of cereals with a choice of cow, almond or soy milk, and toast with a selection of spreads including Honey, Vegemite, Jam and Peanut Butter, as well as a seasonal 4 Fruit Salad for some extra nutritional goodness.  

  • Scrambled Eggs on Toast – with crispy bacon, mushrooms, tomato’s and baked beans will be served on your first morning on the island. 
  • Homemade Pancakes – with a side of bananas, berry compote and maple syrup will be served on your last morning on the island. 


A Wrap, Sandwich or Salad? You choose and build it just how you like! 

Our Deli Lunches are simply delicious. Build your wrap, sandwich or salad just how you like it with a smorgasbord of ingredients including lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, cucumber, carrot and sweetcorn on offer you can pick and choose what you like. 

Topped with the daily chefs special of either Vegetarian Taco Mince, BBQ Chicken, Champagne Ham and/or handmade Falafel. 

Finished off with your favourite sauce: Tomato, BBQ, Mayo, Sriracha, Sweet Chilli & American Mustard or Dressings: Balsamic, Italian and Caesar


Enjoy a delicious Burger Night with with all the trimmings on your first night on the island. Choose from a kangaroo, veggie or vegan burger on a fresh bakery bun and load it up with caramelised onions, beetroot, tomato, sliced cheese and lettuce. 

Sides include fried potatoes, homemade vegan coleslaw and of course all the sauces!

For the second night, indulge in a fully loaded Chicken or Veggie mild curry served with fluffy white rice and a selection of all our favourite condiments!


We won’t keep you waiting between meals! whether on tour or at beach camp we will have a selection of fruits, biscuits and treats for you to indulge on!


Teas/Coffee, Cordial & cold mineral rich island water is always available in the kitchen and water is always available when out exploring. 


We have plenty of esky space for your BYO drinks. When purchasing, please do not buy glass bottles as we recycle everything back to the mainland.

We cater for the following:

Dietary preferences: I Love Food & Eat Everything. I’m Veggie. I’m a Chicken Eating Vegetarian. I’m Vegan.

Dietary requirements: Gluten Free for me! Dairy Free for me! No Lactose for me! I’m Coeliac! I have a nut/peanut allergy!

*Please make sure you note down any allergies that our staff need to be aware of when catering for you.