there is nothing we don’t know about planning a great holiday to K’gari and we love nothing more than sharing our knowledge with you! 


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Our story begins with Mark as an adventurous young boy who spent much of his childhood exploring a magical island which he called K’gari but everyone else knew it as Fraser Island. Growing up, Mark spent his school holidays exploring this enchanted sand island which was just a short boat trip from where he lived in Maryborough. He spent his days chasing sand crabs, catching worms, fishing off the beach, and of course, like any kid does when they spend time on the beach, he built lots of sandcastles.

A quiet but adventurous kid, Mark could often be found just sitting under a tree taking it all in. He’d ask his parents all about the plants and animals he saw and if they didn’t know what they were he would find out. He was always hungry for knowledge and read many books about the island studying the regions history. Mark was fascinated by the natural history of the island but so troubled by the history of its peoples, a history that made some of his friends sad. 

Little Mark eventually grew up, and by grew up we mean into a big kid, he never lost his sense of adventure. Eventually after teaching for a while he started his own adventure company and named it Drop Bear Adventures.  Over the years our company has done many a thing that we are very proud of. We host regular beach clean ups, actively volunteer in the community and stand side by side with the Butchulla to protect the island and empower them to take on the challenges of business. 

Our History

Having met and fell in love on K’gari we have a strong connection to the island. Before we laid roots here we spent time travelling the world and experiencing many different cultures but for us, no place was quite as magic as K’gari. We have been guiding and hosting visitors to the island for over 10 years now and we are as passionate as ever about connecting people to one of the world’s most special places.

Our Ethics

Sharing our happy place with people and teaching them about its uniqueness in our natural world is our dream. Though is K’gari’s natural treasure, the story of the her people is not unique to Australia’s regrettable treatment of this counties First Nations People. A troubled past littered with injustices to the island’s traditional custodians, the indigenous Butchulla, Ngulungbara and Dulingbara peoples.

Today we pay our deepest respects to all indigenous tribes around the world and feel especially connected to the Butchulla people, some of whom are close friends. We aim to live by their law and do our best to look after country as they have done for centuries. 

Our Mission

We are on a mission to be the change we want to see in the world and we push ourselves to be our best every day. To us, being our best is about doing it right. Guiding tours and hosting guests who visit this special place is an absolute privilege and not something that we take for granted. We are on our way to being the 1st carbon neutral company on K’gari, something that is not easy and has taken many years of hard work, but we’re proudly well on our way and that excites us. We are also the creators of K’gari’s Community Beach Clean Ups; a partnership between us, Ocean Crusaders and the community. Every year we host over 100 volunteers who join us for 3 days to help clean up 125kms of beach. So far we have removed over 7tonnes and the event is only in its 3rd year.


the planner

“I first fell in LOVE with K’gari during a visit in 2010. I then fell in love again when I met Mark in 2012. Nowadays I spend my days supporting my team and planning epic adventures. I love to help people experience the magic of K’gari and travel more consciously.” 

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the boss of guiding

“I’ve spent so much of my life on K’gari and I still haven’t gotten enough. Island life is my kind of life, you can literally feel yourself relax into island time as soon as you get off the barge . Being able to showcase it is a privilege that I never take for granted.”

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the marketing chick

“I first fell in love with K’gari in June 2020, yep, right in the thick of the global lock down. Mark and Hana made me feel instantly welcome as a volunteer and I just fell in love with the idea of helping them sell their amazing tours. Now here I am working in my dream job.” 


the operations man

“After living overseas for years and travelling most of my life, I have a thirst for adventure! I love being organised, mostly because it helps me maximise the amount of time I can spend having fun. So this is what I do for these guys, I’m the organiser and I love it!” 


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