Hiring a 4WD car from Noosa just makes sense! The Great beach drive starts just 15 minutes from Noosa and takes you all the way to K’gari Fraser Island.

Our 4WD Hire from Noosa offers you the most flexibility when it comes to what you want to see and seeing it all at your own pace. If you are looking for something to do for a day, hiring a 4WD and heading to Rainbow Beach via Double Island Point along the beach from Noosa is a great option. If you have more time, heading up to K’gari Fraser Island for a few days is amazing!

Our Toyota Landcruiser trucks love to be driven off road, they are designed for it. Fully geared up with a lift kit, scratch proof paint, recovery gear and sand tyres you could not get a more perfect 4WD to have fun in. Hiring a 4WD is easy enough and with all the safety instructions we give you, we make navigating the beach really simple. In fact, it’s all pretty easy when you have the right gear, but it’s important not to rush, and honestly there is no need when you are on beach time. The longer you have to enjoy it, the better time you will have!