Swim In One Of The World’s Clearest Freshwater Lakes on K’gari Fraser Island!

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Where can you swim in some of the world’s purest water? And get blinded, in the best possible way, by some of the whitest sand you’ve ever seen? Yep, you’ve guessed it, K’gari Fraser Island! Not only does this paradise island offer up deserted beaches, untouched wilderness areas and stunning wildlife in spades, it is also home to a number of beautiful and unusual lakes. Lake McKenzie has some of the purest water of any lake in the world, and the best part? You get to swim there.

A Crystal Clear Freshwater Wonder

Lake Mckenzie

Lake McKenzie is one of the most visited sites on K’gari Fraser Island and when you see it for yourself, it’s easy to see why.

The water here is so clear you can see right to the bottom, and the blue and green hues are breathtaking. The reason why the lake has such pure, clear water is due to the fact that it has formed above sea level, and all the water in the lake is rainwater. As fresh as you can get. Rainwater has been the sole source of water for Lake Boorangora (Lake McKenzie) for thousands of years and because of this, the waters here are some of the purest in the world.

Perfect swimming conditions? We reckon so.

Why Is Lake McKenzie So Clear?

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The science behind the beautiful, clear waters of Lake McKenzie on Fraser Island is fascinating. Sitting at around 100 meters above sea level, there is zero contamination from sea water or water from any other source, except the sky. Because of this high elevation, rainwater collects in its basin, technically meaning Lake McKenzie is something called a ‘perched lake’. Perched lakes are formed from rainwater, meaning their waters are free from salt and other pollutants that would otherwise cause it to be discoloured or dark.

However, there is a flip side to this purity. Lake McKenzie has a higher acidity level than most which means wildlife is unable to live here. All that pure water isn’t ideal for marine life, who knew! You won’t find almost any fish or other organisms swimming around as you normally would, and as a result predators steer clear of the lake too as there isn’t a whole lot to eat. Safe for the smallest, microscopic of critters, Lake McKenzie is pretty much devoid of marine life with exception of a few turtles which are rare to spot.

White Sand Beaches for Days

Lake McKenzie K'gari

The sand at Lake McKenzie is another unique feature that gives the place such a beautiful, other-worldly appearance. The sand itself is not actually sand as you might know it. It is made up of white silica, a mineral, meaning it is finer, smoother and softer than your average beach, which is mostly crushed shells and pebbles. The stunning white colour of the silica sands also emphasise the clarity of the lake’s crystal clear waters.

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