Visit Lake Mckenzie – Why is it the healing spot of Fraser Island?

Boorangoora Trees Landscape

There are plenty of reasons why people from all over Australia (and the world!) visit the precious heritage-listed island, Fraser Island. Well, aside from its sandy white dunes, 4WD adventures, colourful Aboriginal history and unique wildlife, Kgari’s more than 100 freshwater lakes are just unbeatable. And one of the most popular places to visit on K’gari (Fraser Island) is Lake McKenzie. Interested to know why?

Yes, what you have heard is true! Lake McKenzie on Fraser Island has the softest and whitest sand in Australia and the most beautiful, clear and pure water. It makes sense that it is called the ‘natural spa’ of the island, huh?

Happily, we of course visit Lake McKenzie during all our Fraser Island tours. And that is not all, we also lend you the best SUP boarding equipment for you to enjoy all the corners of this amazing unique natural creation.

According to the indigenous Butchulla people, the Island is a transformation of their goddess, K’gari, and the lake is her eyes …


Lake McKenzie is a perched lake – a unique body of water.

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Fraser Island is home to 40 perched lakes or half of the world’s perched freshwater dune lakes, Lake McKenzie being one of them. What makes perched lakes unique is that the waters do not come from streams or flow to the ocean, but are created by only rainwater. Lake McKenzie measures over 150 hectares with a depth of 5 metres, which would make it feel like you’re swimming in a pool, only much larger and cleaner.

There’s nothing like swimming in a pure, clear lake.

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It’s a fact. Lake McKenzie’s clear waters are so pristine that you’ll be mesmerized and It will give you a peep into the underwater pure-silica sand. Not only is swimming here amazing but also paddle boarding!

You need not fear any creatures dragging you under because not many species can survive here due to the lake’s high acidity levels. It is important to remember, though, visitors should avoid using sunscreen, soap, or oils when swimming in Lake McKenzie as they are considered pollutants.

It is not just a regular lake.

Boorangoora Trees Landscape

Lake McKenzie’s real name is Boorangoora, which means ‘waters of wisdom’. The Butchulla people considered Boorangoora as a place for decision-making.

According to Queensland’s Department of Environment and Science, ‘the wise ones would meet here to listen for messages on the breezes sent from the spirits’.

Butchulla people camped near freshwater sources such as Boorangoora to eat and drink. They did not swim in it as it was their source of drinking water. If the land grew tired, they moved camp to allow rain, sun and wind to cleanse the place.

Is good for the body, mind and soul.

Lake McKenzie is just one of those spots where your mind feels at peace. The tranquility of the environment, where you can hear nothing else but the singing of local birds, will make you feel present and completely connected with nature.
Trust us, try sitting comfortably on the shore and just breathe in and breathe out. The bad thing is that you will probably want to stay forever!
And that’s not all … the sand at Lake McKenzie is almost pure silica and is famous for its exfoliating properties. It is so fine that it will smooth your skin instantly. Try first on your arm!

One of the best spots to put your tent up.

There are a number of areas where day-trippers and adventurers can experience camping on Fraser Island. The more developed camping areas are located at Central Stations, Lake McKenzie, Lake Boomanjin, Waddy Point, Dundubara and Wathumba. And if you’d like to try camping on Fraser Island, then Lake McKenzie would be one of the best spots to put your tent up. As they say, you can never fully enjoy the majestic beauty of a destination unless you’ve seen it in its entirety, and of course, under the stars.

Basic facilities that are available in designated camping areas include public toilets, showers, a car park, and barbecue facilities. But be sure to secure a camping permit prior to your arrival on Fraser Island.

Time for family bonding

For those who want to enjoy a serene, family bonding with a breathtaking backdrop of nature, enjoying a picnic by Lake McKenzie would be a perfect idea. There are picnic tables and picnic areas in the area for visitors. Not only will families get to enjoy hearty meals, but they also get to bask and feast on the lake’s scenic views.

It’s more than just picture-perfect, it’s poetic.

If you key in “Lake McKenzie” on Google, you’d immediately be greeted by a plethora of photos and images showcasing the wondrous beauty of the lake. But this jewel is more than just picture-perfect.

We’d like to share what Chloe Walsh of Exploration Online UK so beautifully wrote: “Lake McKenzie is an expansive lake … but what immediately hits you is the vibrant colour. The water hitting the shore is crystal clear and aquamarine in colour. Then, suddenly and in a perfectly straight line… the lake is the colour of blue ink…The sand is almost entirely silica, but what that means to us is that it is like walking on warm, slightly melted ice cream.” It’s Lake McKenzie captured in poetry.


You will need a 4WD to explore Fraser Island and to get to Lake McKenzie, which is located a 40-minutes drive from Eurong and our Beach Front Accommodation.

Choose between discovering Boorangoora at your own pace or with our top-class guides. Lake McKenzie is a place that features heavily on our tour itineraries, for obvious reasons. We know Fraser Island better than anyone else, which is just one of the reasons why we’re consistently voted one of the top tour operators on the island.

So, what’s stopping you? Check out our Fraser Island Tours which visit the stunning shores of Lake McKenzie and much, much more!

We will show you the best of this sacred and awe-inspiring island, and give you memories to last a lifetime. If these aren’t enough reasons to convince you, then we don’t know what will! We got one piece of good advice for you, though: stop reading and book your Fraser Island trip now, and don’t forget to add Lake McKenzie to your itinerary.