Couples guide to 4WDriving holiday to K’gari (Fraser Island)

Ss Maheno

Getaway with your partner and plan the perfect escape with this couples guide to visiting K’gari Fraser Island, made just for you two. K’gari is located 3 hours drive North of Brisbane on the Fraser Coast and is accessible very easily by barge from Rainbow Beach and Hervey Bay. It offers every couple the chance to embrace an adventure that combines three beautiful elements: thrill, tranquillity and chill ❤️

Indulge in Natural World

This huge World Heritage Listed sand island, K’gari, is the largest sand island on the planet. Loose yourself easily in lovers time and find plenty of hidden spots for those romantic moments. Home to half of the world’s fresh water perched lakes, including the magically blue Lake Mckenzie, K’gari will make your fall in love with her and she will became a third spirit in your relationship. 

She has many unique eco-systems and over thousands of years’ has formed a variety of landscapes from the great rolling sand dunes to thick dense rainforests and everything in-between.

This in turn means an array of wild creatures thrive on the island including wallabies, echidnas, kookaburras and goannas just to name a few. Not forgetting the K’gari Fraser Island dingo, which has been found to be genetically different of its mainland family and is therefore now considered a species in its own right.

The ocean that laps K’gari’s shores also boasts an array of marine life. Depending on the season the island can be graced by the presence of humpback whales, manta rays, turtles, tiger sharks and the list goes on!

Historical and Cultural Wonders

K’gari is steeped with a deep and at times sad history that spans back thousands of years to a time when The Butchella People (aboriginal) thrived on the island. Aboriginal Dreamtime stories are an important part of the Butchella culture and offer a unique and magical view of how the island came to be. In fact the name K’gari means ‘paradise’ and tells the story of a princess who fell in love with this land so much that she became it. 

Adventurers Haven

Four wheel drive 75 Mile Beach and the 2000kms of inland tracks. Dive into the bubbles of the Champagne Pools. Float on a rubber ring down Eli Creek. Relax and unwind by one of the islands’ many lakes and enjoy a spa-like silica sand scrub. Hike the rainforest trails in search of weird and wonderfully wild creatures. Fish for dinner off the beach. Visit the sites and explore the history of Tukkee Warru, the Maheno Shipwreck and Central Station.

Whatever itinerary takes your fancy for your island adventure after a days adventure enjoy the luxury of The Beachcamp Retreat’s glamping accommodation. Read a book in a hammock, stargaze the beautiful southern hemisphere skies, cook marshmallows on the campfire and fall asleep to the sounds of the ocean.

Let us tailor an adventure package that is perfect for you. We take care of all the permits and barge bookings, can arrange a 4WD for you and set you up with a few nights stay in our beautiful eco glamping retreat. We can also write you the perfect itinerary for your pace of holiday.