Cultural exchange on K’gari, a life-changing experience


Which was your best experience in Australia so far? Let us guess, beautiful memories of sunsets, adventures with friends, big laughs, nature and animals probably come to your mind and heart.

And this is exactly what our Cultural Exchange programme is all about, but more! Rewarding challenges, lessons and practical knowledge are just some of the advantages of volunteering on Fraser Island.

During the busiest times of the year, like school holidays and summer, motivated and most of the time, very unique people, come to K’gari to join our team. Working on our Fraser Island tours and beach-front accommodation will not only leave you with real and useful experiences for your present and future but will also give you a great opportunity to immerse yourself in island slow life and reconnect with nature as you have never done before.


Our cultural exchange programme started back in 2018, and since then, around 300 people from different parts of the world have already come to Fraser Island to have their first or sometimes number 10th volunteer experience.

Being part of an international team makes you learn stuff that only the school of life can teach you. From multiple cultures and languages to mind-blowing stories, ideas, traditions, hobbies, and much, much more.

At the end of the day, you will understand your differences and see your similarities. We believe cultural exchange makes the world a more beautiful and connected place for everyone.

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Those who visited Fraser Island know that is a real paradise on earth. Wake up to the sounds of the waves lapping the sand and the singing of the birds. If you are an early riser, treasure beautiful ocean sunrises every morning just outside your room before starting the day!

Our small family business has two important areas where your lovely energy and help will be needed: our Fraser Island tours and accommodation retreat.

From helping us with maintaining the grounds, tending to the garden and generally contributing to the overall upkeep of our island sanctuary, your tasks will require responsibility, proactivity, creative thinking and a guest-oriented daily attitude.

Each day is different on Fraser Island, where fun and adventures are guaranteed!

If you have photography and/or marketing skills, don’t be scared of getting creative!


Are you already packing your bags to head to Kgari? Wait until you know all the amazing things you will be learning. A bunch of new friends for life, unforgettable memories and a great tan are just some of the valuable things you will be taking with you from the island.


Sustainability has always been the pillar of our business. We work every day to protect country, reduce our impact and encourage our community to do the same.

From waste management and beach clean-ups to renewable energy and eco-friendly alternatives, we will teach you everything we know about sustainability.

Five years ago we started our journey to reduce our carbon footprint and we would love it if you join us in this nature revolution.

Tour Briefing On Fraser Island

`We learnt so much about how to live the eco-friendly way and how we could all make a difference to save our planet, our home and our future. Before coming to the island we didn’t understand much about how we could make a difference. I hope that one day the things they taught us could be taught to everyone and we could all unite together to stop climate change.

They showed us how to be environmentally sustainable and we definitely feel like we have all become experts!

Kgari Fraser Island Adventures is completely plastic-free and only use planet-friendly products. While living on the island we are all very careful with our food waste, the menu for all of the guests is set up especially to reduce waste and of course, they have their own compost for all of the food scraps’, described Laura and Alanna, two memorable members of our international team back in 2019.


We acknowledge that our adventures are hosted on the traditional land of the Butchulla people and we pay our respect to Elders past, present and emerging. Part of our mission is to show and educate our community, Australia, and the world, the story of Kgari, her importance and why it needs to be protected.

“We were incredibly lucky to have met the Butchella people, the First Nations People of the island. They taught us so much about their culture and traditions. We were all very grateful and respected them immensely for their knowledge about the island thatthey so kindly shared with us”, explained Sarah and Chris, two absolute legends.

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Written in First Nations law of these lands on which we stand is that knowledge must be shared, passed down through generations. We share this island’s story with our guests and team, not only in recognition of our First Nations People but also in the hope that it will help us move us all forward, side by side, on the path to true reconciliation of all First Nations Peoples, all around the world.

Nature and wildlife

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Are you an animal lover like we are? Did you know that Fraser Island is home to beautiful dingo packs and that every year the humpback whales make a well-deserved stop right here before continuing their migration to the North?

And that’s not all! K’gari also hosts more than 70 species of reptiles including the sand monitor and lace monitor lizards; look up to the skies and you’ll be likely to find a few of the whopping 354 bird species spotted living in and around the island.

So prepare to spot and learn all about the cute critters that live here, both on land and offshore.


All right, what’s next? Get in touch and ask us about any spots available! 

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