What Is The Best Time Of Year To Go To K’gari Fraser Island?

What Is The Best Time Of Year To Go To Fraser Island

An island like no other, K’gari Fraser Island has breathtaking natural beauty at every turn. Travellers come to see and experience the lakes, forests, beaches and unique wildlife that call the island home. Exploring K’gari is all part of the adventure, and it helps to know what to expect in terms of weather, crowds and wildlife throughout the year.

So what is the best time of year to go to K’gari Fraser Island? That really depends on a few things – how hot you want to be (because, well, this is Queensland), what kind of wildlife you’re hoping to find and how far in advance you’re planning your trip. Weather, wildlife and competition for tours and accommodation are your three main factors to consider. Read on for our top tips.

Summer – great weather, more crowds and awesome wildlife spotting

Visiting K'gari Fraser Island In SummerHot, sunny days, busier than usual tours and accommodation and great wildlife spotting are to be had most days during the summer months of December to February. Temperatures average around 22-27 degrees and the sun is pretty much a constant fixture in the sky. Summer is popular for lots of reasons, not least the school holidays which can equal more visitors and hard to book accommodation and tours. If you do decide to head to the island in the summer, plan ahead. 

Summer is a brilliant time to spot the migratory birds that land on K’gari Fraser Island, including some long distance travellers from as far away as Siberia! Keep your eyes peeled for wimbrels and the eastern curlew which hang out near the shoreline. The warm temperatures bring out the many beautiful snakes and reptiles that live on the island and you might be lucky enough to spot one basking in the midday sun, so keep your eyes to the ground as you walk. 

Feeling a bit hot and sweaty after another summer’s day exploring K’gari? Take a cooling dip into the crystal clear waters of famous Lake McKenzie, drift down the river at Eli Creek or experience the natural jacuzzi wonder of the Champagne Pools and many more swimming options besides. K’gari Fraser Island is a watery paradise.

Summer is a great time to visit. Be prepared for higher than normal demand for tours and accommodation and some potentially sweaty t-shirts.

Winter – warm days, migrating whales and perfect bush walking conditions

Visiting K'gari Fraser Island In WinterPacking for a winter trip to K’gari Fraser Island? Hold off on the winter woolies. Temperatures do drop during the winter months of May to September, averaging around 15-22 degrees, but the weather is beautiful and the sun is still out – making winter a top time of the year to visit K’gari Fraser Island. The island is generally less busy as the summer crowds disperse and campsites and hotels become quieter. 

Lower temperatures also make activities such as bushwalking more comfortable. The K’gari Fraser Island Great Walk is a breathtaking (literally) 90km hike that takes in some of the best spots on the island. You don’t have to complete the whole walk, there are plenty of shorter hikes and family friendly walks too.

But the biggest draw of the winter comes in the very large shape of the humpback whales that hang out in the waters around the island during their epic 12,000km migration up the east coast of Australia. Spot them in bays on the western side of K’gari as they feed, socialise and birth their calves.

Ask the question what is the best time to visit K’gari Fraser Island and you’ll quickly realise any time works. K’gari is a slice of paradise whatever the weather and whenever you choose to visit. Pack your bags and book your trip today.