How Much is a K’gari – Fraser Island Camping Permit and How To Get It

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As any experienced camper will tell you, nowhere is more important than the place you choose to pitch your tent. You can have the flashiest gear around but your experience will almost entirely depend on where you are. The second most important thing to consider before venturing out is paperwork. We’re talking permits. Yes, yet more boring life admin but pretty vital if you want to have a fun experience (and avoid a run in with the authorities).

If you’re planning a camping adventure to K’gari, the most important decision you’ll make is already made – and top choice. K’gari is an island paradise of turquoise blue lakes, wildlife you’ll find nowhere else and endless pristine beaches sandwiched between windswept dunes and the ocean. When it comes to a place to pitch your tent, it’s hard to beat.

If you’re camping and driving your way around, read on.

Permits – what do I need?

K'gari Fraser Island Camping Permit

Camping and driving means you’ll need both a vehicle and camping permit secured before you land on K’gari. Park rangers check these permits daily.

Vehicle access permits are available from the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) and you can get your hands on one in a few ways – the QPWS website, in person at a QPWS office or over the phone (13 74 680). Online is probably the most convenient way, and once you’ve completed all your details and paid the fee (more on that below) you will be allocated a vehicle access tag showing your booking reference, reg number, name and date. This is your ticket to hassle free driving and must be placed on the dash of your vehicle at all times. 

Purchasing a K’gari Fraser Island camping permit is much the same process. Once they have your details and payment QPWS will provide you with a permit which can be attached to either your tent or dash. Fees vary with each campsite and easily get booked up months in advance so it’s worth doing your research and securing your site early. You can arrive without a camping permit and try to get one while on K’gari but the patchy internet reception will make that job very hard!

Vehicle and camping permit costs

Vehicle And Camping Permit Costs

The prices are subject to change but never vary too wildly. A vehicle permit will set you back $53.65 for one month or less, more than one month or up to a year will cost £270. 

A K’gari Fraser Island camping permit for a single person is $6.75 per person per night, or $27 for a family (classed as 2 adults and up to 6 kids). Bringing a little one with you? Good news is kids under five camp for free.

These fees are subject to change so check out the QPWS website for up to the minute prices.

The process for securing both vehicle and camping permits is pretty streamlined and hassle free. Prepare your paperwork as soon as you know you’re heading over to K’gari and it’ll be smooth sailing -and one of the best trips you’ll ever take. Enjoy!