Why K’gari Fraser Island Adventure tours are unique?


What makes K’gari Fraser Island Adventure tours so special?

I guess the simple answer is because we take you to K’gari where you get to 4WD and swim in some of the purest freshwater lakes in the world! It’s a natural paradise rich in culture and biodiversity but every tour does that right so what makes our tours so special huh? 

Here’s a little history for you to set the scene 

Eleven years ago, Mark Robinson, founded a small tour company with a BIG mission, he called it Drop Bear Adventures. And like every big mission, the idea of Drop Bear Adventures started as a dream. After years and years of spending his childhood holidays on K’gari, Mark simply wanted to spend more time on paradise and share all his knowledge with others… so Drop Bear Adventures was born and to this day, though now known by it’s new name, K’gari Fraser Island Adventures, has been privileged enough to take many guests on a unique and immersive journey.

In his own words: “Our tours are different from the rest, that I can guarantee. We have dedicated hours, days, and years to delivering the best experience of the place that I have long been in love with, and I can confidently say that my, and my teams’ passion for what we do is unmatched”.

Why our Fraser Island tours are different

Our relationship with the Butchulla people, who are the traditional custodians of the land, and the knowledge that they have so gracefully shared with us has taught us a lot. We deeply respect their lores (laws) of country and our company, K’gari Fraser Island Adventures is a reflection of that. We feel are so blessed to be able to share this special place and guide people to care for country whilst visiting that we believe this is the biggest reason that we create a tour experience unlike any other.

Our dedication to your experience and the preservation of our beautiful planet has inspired us to craft a tour that takes you off the beaten track and shares another side to the island that not many people ever get to see. Immerse yourself in a natural wonderland, exploring beautiful freshwater lakes, remarkable rainforests and endless sandy beaches. Journey through time as our guides share the ancient history and dreamtime stories of this lands’ protectors, the Butchulla people.

For us, it’s all about the simple, but beautiful things in life!

Our tour is all about celebrating life’s simple pleasures, great food, good company and beautiful places. Nothing beats a campfire under the stars, listening to the waves as you fall asleep, waking up to golden sunrise over the ocean and being ready to hit the beach early to avoid the crowds. Switching off from your phone, emails and scheduled life on mainland genuinely helps you to connect with K’gari and feel more at one with nature.

However, there is nothing basic about K’gari Fraser Island Adventures Tours! Over the years we have built an experience that though wild and free, delivers a  touch of luxury. Beachfront accommodation, hotel quality linens, experienced hosts, amazing guides and catered and healthy meals – you will honestly love the homely feel we have created!

Whether you’re a chicken eating vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, or just don’t like something we literally cater for every dietary needs. We pack every meal full of locally sourced healthy fruit and veggies too! We feed you well, make 4WDriving really easy and fun, including heaps of extras that you pay more for on other tours.

Being the best isn’t about how many 5 star reviews we have, it’s about taking care of our guests and making memories that last a life time. So if you are looking for a tour that stands out from the crowd, book a tour with K’gari Fraser Island Adventures, and we promise you it will be nothing short of magical!

Why is K’gari a magical island and needs our protection?

K’gari Fraser Island is one of the world’s most special places, a true world heritage listed national park that is bursting with an abundance of flora and fauna. Since September 2021, the island has been officially recognised as K’gari, the traditional name for the island but many people still call it Fraser Island which is the name that was given to it after Eliza Fraser was shipwrecked here in 1836. But long before she washed helplessly ashore, this idyllic island was home to the Butchulla people for thousands of years. Here, at K’gari Fraser Island Adventures, we call this magical place, K’gari, which in Butchulla means paradise, and thats exactly what it is.

The  largest sand island in the world owns many natural wonders; from endless sandy beaches to towering rainforests and crystal clear freshwater lakes. It’s also home to worlds purest species of Dingo that’s is unique to the island and many more wild wonders that rely on its fragile eco system to survive. In 1992 the island was World Heritage listed in recognition of its outstanding natural beauty and biodiversity. One may assume that this prestigious title was all the island needed to protect her but sadly, as with many natural wonders, it’s not. Over just a few decades, K’gari has gradually become a tourist hotspot that sees hundreds of thousands of visitors travel to her shores every year, and many of them unfortunately leave more than just footprints.

We feel really lucky to have the privilege of showcasing this beautiful place to visitors from all over the world, and it’s a privilege that we do not take for granted. We have always invested our time, energy and money into running a holistic business that promotes best practice.

A transformational experience

You will always learn a lot on tour with us. From little secrets and amazing facts about nature and wildlife, to ways of reducing your carbon footprint and be a more conscious traveller.

Our biggest mission is to become the 1st Tour Company on K’gari to be 100% Carbon Neutral and we love sharing the lessons we’ve gained during this process with our guests.

We have spent years calculating our waste production from food, our fuel consumption and equipment procurement totals in order to reduce out carbon footprint.

We have always been committed to sustainability and showing our respect to the Butchulla people by living by the laws of the land, the first being ‘what is good for the land must come first.’ And we believe that this is the most important.

K’gari is many things to so many people, and it doesn’t matter if you have visited just once or if you have been coming here all your life, there’s something about this extraordinary paradise that just stays with you. Nothing beats getting lost in island time, floating down Eli creek, wetting a line, wondering through the rainforest, lazing around on the beach and watching the sun set over the ocean, at the end of every day on the island we all feel the magic of island life.

We hope that leading by example we will inspire to seek better experiences for themselves and our planet.