What Types Of Tours Are There On K’gari Fraser Island?

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There is no one size fits all experience to have on K’gari Fraser Island. Every visitor comes for a different reason, but everyone comes away changed by their time on this special island. 

There is so much to see and do on K’gari, from swimming in the crystal clear waters of Lake McKenzie or floating through the forest at Eli Creek, to spotting wildlife and photographing the breathtaking natural beauty of the island. You’ll never be bored, but it can be hard to know where to start! That’s where joining a tour can be your best option. 

Tour Fraser Island with the best tour guides in business: here at The K’gari Fraser Island Adventure, we work with locals who love the island and know all its hidden gems.

What types of tours are there on K’gari Fraser Island? Check out the options.

Follow the leader 4WD Adventures

Follow the leader 4WD Adventures

Confident behind the wheel of a 4WD? This one’s for you. Not too confident behind the wheel of a 4WD? This tour is for you, too! These tag along 4WD adventures are one of the most popular tour choices. Join a group of up to 4 other 4WD adventurers and be led around the island by an experienced guide. All the vehicles are fully set up before you leave and the logistics are handled by the K’gari Fraser Island team, so there’s no stress. You’ll be in constant radio contact with your guide and a fully set up camp will be waiting for you every evening.  The experience of driving along 75 mile beach is one not to be missed, and even sweeter when led by one of our awesome guides.


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Photography tours

K’gari is a photographers dream. From stunning beachside sunsets to some of the clearest night skies you’ll find in Australia (thanks to the lack of light pollution), there are heaps of opportunities to get some truly beautiful photos to take home with you. Join one of K’gari Fraser Island Adventures popular photography tours and tour all the best photogenic locations on the island.  


K'gari Family Adventure Tours

Family Adventure Tours

 Bring the kids but don’t stress. These tours have a focus on family adventures and are the perfect balance of guided comfort and go it alone adventure. You’ll learn how to drive safely on sand at the start of your tour, guided by one of our  team and finish on your own, driving your family around the island for a couple of days. The kids will have plenty to do from floating down Eli Creek to lake swimming and sandboarding. And who doesn’t love toasting marshmallows around a campfire by night. Family holidays don’t get better than this.


Team Building in paradise

Team Building in paradise

What type of tours are there on K’gari Fraser Island suitable not just for mates, but also work mates? Check out our team building adventures. Build a strong team by embarking on a K’gari adventure together. Two guides will be on hand to guide your team through fun challenges that encourage connection and problem-solving. From the challenges of 4WD beach driving to the wild terrain of the island, there will be plenty of opportunities for your dream team to work together and connect. 

There are so many ways to experience the island and there is a tour for everyone. This is just a sample of all the tours we offer, check out the rest here!