K’gari (Fraser Island) wildlife – The stunning animals that call K’gari home

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While driving off the ferry onto the gorgeous beach of K’gari it is common to spot a dingo happily trotting along, a humpback whale on the horizon or white-bellied sea eagle swooping down to pick up a sea snake. This magical island home to so much wildlife. Sounds unreal, right? Well, the truth is that the amazing wildlife of K’gari never ceases to amaze us either and we have been visiting for so many years.

From pure dingoes to prehistoric-looking lizards, the diversity of the island’s natural habitat supports a wide range of animals. It’s not considered a World Heritage site for nothing! Some of these animals need special protection either due to their vulnerability or for being rare species. If you are an animal lover just like us we recommend continuing reading and discovering all the unique animals that live in K’gari (Fraser Island).

Just like dingoes leave the mark of their cute paws on the sand, there are different hints, patrons and some well-known factors that can tell how, where and when to spot amazing species of animals in K’gari. When you book a K’gari Fraser Island Tour with us, you can be sure your guide knows all the secrets about the wild world of this paradise destination.


1. Dingo

Loyal custodians of the island, the dingoes of K’gari (Fraser Island) are the purest strain of Dingoes in whole Australia. With a golden sandy colour and elegant presence, the Wangari (dingo) sit at the top of the food chain and observing them in their natural habitat is just breathtaking.

There are around 100 and 200 dingoes in K’gari (Fraser Island) and 25 to 30 packs and you have big chances of spotting a dingo when you visit the island. If you are lucky enough, you may even see puppies if you come during the breeding season (September and November).


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Get ready to shout “whale!!!” and point the horizon more than once, twice or even ten times while you drive through the longest sand island in the world.

As part of their migration to the north, the Humpback Whales play and rest on the coasts of K’gari. We are more than lucky of appreciating this incredible natural event every year! You will not want to miss it.

The best time of the year to watch whales in Fraser Island and Harvey Bay is from late June to October.


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K’gari (Fraser Island) has a remarkable diversity of birds, with one of the greatest species diversity of birds found in Australia. In fact, over 330 species have been officially recorded. This is far more species of birds than recorded in the whole of the British Isles.

The rare and uncommon species include the Turquoise Parrot, Glossy Black Cockatoo, Brush Bronze Pigeon, Powerful Owl and more. Countless thousands of birds use this flyway on their annual trans-equatorial migrations between K’gari and Siberia.


Fraser Island sharks include great whites and tiger sharks. Although these magnificent animals have a bad reputation in Australia, sharks are vital to the health of our oceans worldwide and seeing them in the wild and in such plentiful numbers is just one more reason why K’gari is one of the best places in Australia to spot wildlife.

The Great Sandy Marine Park which stretches from Double Island Point in the south covers much of the waters around Fraser Island. This means protection for the sharks. It’s easy to see Fraser Island sharks cruising the waters just offshore from any vantage point high enough to get a good view of the ocean. They cruise and congregate in great numbers. Species regularly seen include the great white, tiger, small hammerheads and bull sharks.

Learn more about these misunderstood animals from our friendly team in your next K’gari Fraser Island Adventure Tour.


Sea turtles and freshwater turtles live in the environment of Fraser Island. The sea turtles, the green and the loggerhead can be found swimming, feeding and nesting in the ocean and shores of K’gari. In fact, the Coral Barrier Reef is one of the biggest feeding grounds in Australia, and many turtles use close beaches to put their nests, and the ones on K’gari are very popular.

Cute Freshwater turtles may come to say Hi! when you visit Lake McKenzie, Lake Allom, Lake Wabby and Eli Creek too.

Many other gorgeous creatures are part of the exotic, wild and beautiful fauna of K’gari Fraser Island. Together they create a unique ecosystem and make the island look like a fantasy world, taken out from a movie or National Geographic documentary.

From reptiles like Lace Monitors that grow up to 2 metres to Echindas living in the caves of the island, each species have their own peculiarity and important contribution to the environment of the whole island, if not the region.

We can’t wait to show you the absolute gems of this paradise during your K’gari Fraser Island Tour.