4WD Car Hire from Noosa – Why it’s the best and Where to go

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Whether you came to Noosa for a short stay or for a long awaited holiday, you probably chosen Noosa for the amount of awesome and unique things to do and see around this area as well as how relaxing it is. If you didn’t, we’ve got some news for you… there are amazing spots to visit near Noosa perfect for those curious travellers seeking some extra adventure and to escape the routine.

We hire 4WD Cars from Noosa to visit K’gari Fraser Island and/or to do the Great Beach Drive (Cooloola National Park), which connects Noosa, Double Island Point and Rainbow Beach.

K'gari Fraser Island,qld, March 2021, Photo Shoot For K'gari Fraser Island Adventures.

4WDriving to Rainbow Beach from Noosa 

The Great Beach Drive (Cooloola National Park)

Inhale the salty sea breeze and cruise along the Great Beach Drive, also known as the Cooloola Beach Drive! This amazing 4WD adventure can be done as a day trip from Noosa or do it as an overnight experience, camping at Teewah Beach. Just a short crossing on the Noosa River cable ferry from Tewantin near Noosa will take you to the Noosa North Shore where you can access the beach. 

Soak up the best views of the coast and enjoy a special adventure that starts in Noosa! Our 4WD Car Hire from Noosa in an iconic Toyota Landcruiser includes your vehicle access permit to the national park, a tailored itinerary, basic recovery gear, 3rd party insurance, mechanical breakdown cover and helpful local advice and of course.

The Cooloola Beach Drive is part of the Cooloola National Park which is also part of the Great Sandy National Park, on the Sunshine Coast between Noosa and Rainbow Beach (155-240km north of Brisbane).

The famous drive extends all the way from Noosa North Shore, past Teewah Beach and Double Island Point to Sandy Cape at the tip of K’gari Fraser Island. 

You will need a vehicle access permit (included) and a ferry ticket (not included but $8) to cross from Noosa to Noosa North Shore and we recommend 1-3 days for 4WD Car from Noosa to Cooloola National Park experience with us.

4WDriving to K’gari Fraser Island from Noosa 

There are many ways to explore K’gari Fraser Island and although you can choose a day tour to the island this doesn’t mean you should! Spending at least few days is so worth it! 

Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world and you need a 4WD to get around this World Heritage sand island. Cruise along the stunning scenic coastline and marvel at the beauty around you. Trust us 3 days is barely enough and with the Noosa North Shore to explore on your way up or back, the more days you have the better! 

Choose to join us on a 4WD tour or hire a 4WD from Noosa for 3 plus days.  Driving on sand is a little different, but were are her to help give you the best tips to 4WD on K’gari so you can get the most enjoyment from your trip.

Spending a couple of nights on the island under the stunning milky way is absolutely worth it and we strongly recommend it. If not to enjoy it to the fullest, what are holidays made for?

If you have your own camping gear, there are plenty of beautiful camping zones on the island, and as outdoor experts, we created a special guide for Camping on Fraser Island. But if you are looking for some comfort and a unique experience, check out our 4WD Car Hire and Accommodation packages for Fraser Island and wake up to a beautiful sunrise as you lose your sense of time in paradise.

Our cars

We hire Toyota Land Cruisers from Noosa to K’gari Fraser Island and Cooloola Drive. They seat up to 6 people maximum allowing plenty of room for luggage, cool boxes and beach goodies!

They have an automatic transmission, electric windows and a car stereo with aux lead so you can cruise up the beach to your favourite tunes. Each 4WD comes with a standard recovery kit including maxi tracks, the latest Hema map, a tyre pressure gauge and an exclusive audio guide! 

Book today a 4WD Hire from Noosa for an unforgettable adventure! Call us or send us an email if you have any extra doubts, we love helping!