Visit Lake Mckenzie – Why is it the healing spot of Fraser Island?

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There are plenty of reasons why people from all over Australia (and the world!) visit the precious heritage-listed island, Fraser Island. Well, aside from its sandy white dunes, 4WD adventures, colourful Aboriginal history and unique wildlife, Kgari’s more than 100 freshwater lakes are just unbeatable. And one of the most popular places to visit on […]

K’gari – Fraser Island shipwrecks and the story behind them

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K’gari – Fraser Island shipwrecks and the story behind them Long long ago, between 1856 and 1930, a strange phenomenon occurred on the coast of Fraser Island, when 23 of the 8000 shipwrecks recorded in Australia occurred on the same island. Around 1870 the Sandy Cape Lighthouse was turned on but that didn’t prevent ships […]

Reduce your Carbon Footprint – Tourism Business Starter Pack

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While our world seems to have paused due to COVID-19, some industries have not stopped pumping! We like to think that we’ve all had some time to re-think a few things, and if you’re a business owner, one of those things should be your business model. It’s the perfect opportunity to evaluate your carbon footprint […]